We’re making the world turn – in all directions!

Experience and innovation are the driving forces behind THUMM rotators.

Standard rotators

Mobile loading cranes, clamshell buckets, forestry machinery, grapples and grabs (Max. thrust load 2 to 17 ts)

Compact rotators

Demolition attachments, clamshell buckets, grapples, crushers, shears, munchers, screening attachments, timber and wood splitting equipment (Max. thrust load 2 to 40 ts)

Integrated rotators

THUMM Einbau-Rotatoren
OEM, clamshell buckets, grapples, petal grabs and specialist attachments (Max. thrust load 5 to 19 ts)

Rotators soil compactors

THUMM Rotatore für Bodenverdichter
Rotators with double bearing for soil compactors (Max. thrust load 5 to 10 ts)

Rotorex-Stop / drive heads

Rotorex-Triebköpfe und Rotorex Stop
Demolition & hydraulic excavator as wood saw claws, sorting grabs, scrap shears, concrete biters.

Rotators-Underwater Use

THUMM Kompakt-Rotator Typ 717 - Abbildung
Rotators with special waterproofing for underwater use (Max. thrust load 15 – 25 ts.)

Hydraulic Rotators

THUMM Hydraulic rotators: highest efficiency and reliability for a wide range of applications and hydraulic grabs.


THUMM Ölhydraulische Antriebe - Zubehör
Many of the rotator models are available with many different oil distributors, intermediate flanges, forks a.s.o.